The derivative segment is a profitable market that gives investors a chance to procure superlative benefits (or misfortunes) by paying an optimal margin. Over recent years, Future and Options segment has developed as a well known medium for exchanging financial markets. Future contracts are accessible on Equities, Indices, Currency, and Commodities.

Bahubali with its participation as Trading and Clearing Member of NSE F&O Segment and BSE Derivatives Segment, gives you an entryway to the energizing universe of derivative market. The worldwide increment in trade and foreign investments has prompted between association of numerous national economies. This resulting vacillations in exchange rates, has made an immense worldwide market for Forex, opening up another energizing road for trading. The Forex market offers unmatched potential for profitable trading any phase of the trading or any economic situation

When Indian Rupees Appreciates?


Excess inflow of USD in the country


Supply of US Dollar increases


Positive trade balance in market


Increase in US Dollar inflow


Rise in global prices of commodities


FIIs buying back US Dollar

When US Dollar Depreciates?


Increase in exports of India


RBI is selling US Dollar to meet demand


NRI Forex remittance is increasing


Demand for US Dollar increases


Demand for USD rises due to costlier imports


Absorption of excess USD liquidity

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