Securities Lending & Borrowing (SLB)


SLB is a legally approved medium for lending and borrowing of securities. It is done for a stipulated period of time at a certain lending or borrowing fee.


Provides an incremental return to the Lender on a long hold strategy portfolio. No risk as the settlement is guaranteed by the NSE Clearing Ltd. (NCL) thereby ensuring the return of stock.


Scenarios in our experience where opportunities arise for Borrowers.

  • To cover short position or to avoid settlement failure.
  • Reverse arbitrage when futures are at a discount to stock.
  • Borrow demand due to Physical Settlements in Equity Derivatives.
  • Financing the Trading Book at a lower book of interest.



  • 25% of Lending Price & MTM at EOD
  • No margins if securities delivered early.


  • On T day- 100% of Lending fees
  • On T+1 day- 100% of Lending Price, VaR, ELM & MTM at EOD.

Corporate Action Treatment

Dividend: Dividend amount collected from borrower and paid out to lender on book closure start date.
Stock Split: Borrowers’ position proportionately adjusted. Lender receives revised quantity of shares in reverse leg settlement.

Early Recall And Repay Facility

Early Recall facilityEarly Repay Facility
Available for lenders of securities, is as good as borrowing.Available for borrowers of securities, is as good as lending.
Facility to call back the securities lent prior to predefined tenorFacility to return the securities borrowed prior to predefined tenor.
Used when lenders want to sell their holdingsUsed when borrowers have executed their planned strategy and no longer need the securities.

Product Specifications

Trade Related:

  • More than 386 securities-including F&O,sligible non F&O stocks and ETF.
  • 9:15 am to 5:00 pm
  • Rollover facility available.


  • Types: Lend,Borrow,Repay,Recall.
  • Quotes: Lending fee per share.
  • Screen Based anonymous trading.


  • 1st Leg : T+1
  • Reverse Leg: 1st Thursday of respective series month.
  • Reverse Leg Date postponed to nest working day in case of Thursday being a holiday.


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