Mutual Fund Distribution

Why you should invest in Mutual Funds?

Convenient way into the stock markets

Mutual funds are ideal for investors who want to invest in various kinds of schemes with different investment objectives but do not have sufficient time and expertise to pick winning stocks. Mutual funds give you the advantage of professional management, lower transaction costs, and diversification, liquidity and tax benefits

Key benefits of investing in Mutual Funds


Diversification in various funds


Professional management and well regulated


Disciplined & systematic investment approach


Low transaction costs on mutual funds


Get liquidity of funds in 3 days


Get tax benefits under 80C scheme

Why you should consider us?

 Invest in 9,000+ schemes across 35 AMCs
 Invest in mutual fund schemes through Lump sum, Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), Systematic Transfer Plan (STPs), Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWPs) and New fund offers (NFO ‘s) across all the asset class – Equity, Debt, Balanced, Tax Saving funds
 Cross Margin facility giving you an option to leverage your mutual fund units (for select funds only) for margin required to trade in equities, derivatives and currencies. This gives you the added advantage of trading for short term while staying invested in mutual funds for long term.

Invest in Mutual  Funds now!

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